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    • LaLaaLoopsy [bri]

      PAY CHANGE: DAILY PAY... ALL DAY!!!   05/31/2017

      Please be in base and request 15 mins before collecting pay at the following times: 2am GMT+0, 12pm GMT+0, and 7pm GMT+0. Pay duties can be found in the "Pay at KoH" Section. Leaving before an hour after pay will resort in being placed on the Pay Ban List.


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    • Reilln95 [Rn]

      Recruitment Team/Commisioners (RT) is looking for new members (Navy+)! Go apply in General Forum >> Teams >> Commisioners now~
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    • Elise

      She's so happy.. Makes me happy too  Welcome to one of our newest members!

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    • liuliu_liuliu [LiU]

      It's Primitive Day at KoH! DinoSword and SuperDinoWoman at your service <3
      @ElPolloman [EPM] @Domooooooo [Domo] @Jackieeeo [NYRB] @alin
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    • Angkaa [AngK]

      White House Ball going on! 
      It is heated up with speeches, games (stab) and announcements. And an amazingly decorated room to keep the guest in  Pictures:
      https://gyazo.com/0ffb95fa5a7b6fd4b55e5d5e2d5c6992 (Game: Stab) Winner: RubixCubeGhast (From SS) 
      Some People from KoH: @liuliu_liuliu [LiU] @Jackieeeo [NYRB] @ElPolloman [EPM] @Domooooooo [Domo] @MerPrincess11 [MerP] @SilverDust  
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    • SianieBee [Bee]

      The Kingdom Chronicles (KoH's official newspaper team) have exciting opportunities for two talented individuals.
      We are on the lookout for a Graphic Designer and a Columnist to join the team. 
      The person who fills the Graphic Designer position will have to have an impressive imagination and the ability to use photoshop or another high-quality image editing software. The Graphic Designer will be in charge of creating stunning, eye-catching banners for the articles we have on the blog. In the event that other graphics need to be designed (for example for the website), the Graphic Designers will be our first port of call.
      The Columnist that fills this position will have a passion for writing and a unique way to portray information. It will be your role to give our readers your very own thoughts about a significant topic or event. This role is split into two each week with one columnist answering KoH's FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and the other giving their opinion in an opinion column.
      If you have any interest in these roles and you are Private+, please fill out an application here: https://goo.gl/forms/SYYYhvhQfBPgsc8U2 and if you have any questions please have a chat directly with me on kik, in base or on the forum.
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